1. Sometimes you build some shelves. Sometimes @itsplainasjane bakes some crazy good cookies out of random ingredients. (at La Casa De Dos)

  2. Sometimes you gram a grammer. Vegan/Veggie Dog Date Housework Escape. @itsplainasjane. (at Station Street Hot Dogs)


  3. Anonymous said: Any tips to a solo punk with a love for music on how to book some shows?

    Just write to bands/artists in the towns you aim to visit. There’s also book your own fucking life. I’m pretty sure it still exists.


  4. troublemakerxx217 said: Hey Chris! I was at the Rex show on the 26th and I was front row right by you and I just wanted to say that it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to and I can't wait to see you guys again! I also got to meet the whole band and get autographs and I think I gave you a nervous hug haha. Just thank you and your whole band for being such nice guys and just being all around amazing. :)

    All good! Thanks!


  5. Anonymous said: Whats your craziest mosh experiance?

    Strike Anywhere in a small club in Mtl.


  6. skeleton-fucker666 said: White Wives tour? We'd love to have you in Cleveland some time

    Me too


  7. bangthatswild said: How do you decided what songs you play at concerts? Whenever I see you live you guys play a lot of songs off Blood and Empire and Terror State. But I've never seen you play anything off New Kind of Army or Mobilize.

    We learn about 100 songs per tour.
    I try and listen to all requests and I write the sets daily.


  8. wehavenoobligationtostayalive said: What is your favorite song of Anti Flag? PS: Anti Flag is my favorite band, you are amazing ♥

    PNAC or 1915 or turn a blind eye


  9. Anonymous said: Do you ever think about how much influence you guys have, and how different so many people's lives would be if they didn't get into Anti Flag when they were young and learning, and just get all existential and weirded out? I know I would.

    We have been impacted far greater by the folks we have met. I’m positive.


  10. Anonymous said: When I was younger I used to think your band was really extreme, but the more I see and learn, the more I want music like yours in mainstream culture to help teach kids like me about what's going on. Thanks for everything :)


  11. wehavenoobligationtostayalive said: Some people says that if you don't listen X band you can't be punk, or if you don't know X band you can't be punk and there's a lot of people who insult me because of that. Being punk it's not just the music you listen, the thinking it's more important, in my opinion. And it's funny because that people, makes rules to be punk or anarchist, and anarchy have no rules. What do you think about that?

    Punk is not a sonic endeavor. To me it’s far more about your ideals and ethic.


  12. hughswagman said: the show in münster was awesome! i hope you enjoyed the cookies i brought and thank you so much for taking the time after the show to write down the lyrics for my tattoo. hope to see you guys again soon, you're a bunch of lovely lads. [insert heart emoji here]

    Super great! Thank you!


  13. Anonymous said: Do you think riots are justified?

    Often times more than justified.


  14. icaughtyouadeliciousbass said: Hi #2, big fan of AF, White Wives, and you as a human. I'm a recent college grad from rural WV hoping to soon move to the wonderful city of Pittsburgh. Any advice for a young dude in the big city?

    It’s the best city. You’ll find a ton of friends. Just come and be yourself.


  15. Anonymous said: Which is the best love song that you ever heard?

    Train In Vain