1. Sometimes you fly to California to make a record. You always bring your hockey gear. @anti.flag.official RECORD 10. @kennycarkeet @jimkaufmanproductions

  2. Sometimes a praying mantis tries to hitch a ride. You gotta go to the woods buddy. @itsplainasjane (at La Casa De Dos)

  3. bornandbredny:

    This comfortably soft tri blend tee is on sale right now in our webstore with FREE SHIPPING. Just one week left of our sale!

  4. Sometimes you, @itsplainasjane and eleventy billion little kids go to an afternoon pre-season pens game. (at Consol Energy Center)

  5. itsplainasjane:

    Good friends. Good food. Good fun! Last night, @chrisnumber2 and I made dinner for @juliehallinan @thatchrisdaley @cityofbridget !

  6. #tbt to one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. DINO EGG. Doomies. @lxestrada made it happen. @jayweinberg witnessed it.

  7. #tbt to a show in a field in Europe. I gotta get some better shoes.
    📷: @punkrockjosh87

  8. Sometimes you make @itsplainasjane a vegan taco pizza in your new kitchen. Starting to figure it out and feel like myself again. (at La Casa De Dos)

  9. Sometimes it’s time to go home. (at Bladerunners Ice Complex)

  10. Most times, they don’t. (at Bladerunners Ice Complex)

  11. Sometimes you have the whole rink to yourself. Sometimes they go in. (at Bladerunners Ice Complex)

  12. Anti-Flag pre-set at RiotFest 2014.

    (Source: altpress.com, via just-in-sane)

  13. Sometimes you write and rewrite bass lines. @anti.flag.official Record 10 PrePro continues. @kennycarkeet @jimkaufmanmusic (at A-F Records)

  14. Sometimes you build some shelves. Sometimes @itsplainasjane bakes some crazy good cookies out of random ingredients. (at La Casa De Dos)

  15. Sometimes you gram a grammer. Vegan/Veggie Dog Date Housework Escape. @itsplainasjane. (at Station Street Hot Dogs)