1. Sometimes Stumptown. (at Stumptown Coffee Roasters)

  2. Sometimes you need a break from working on your house and you take @itsplainasjane to New York City for a donut sundae sunday. #grammedgrammer (at Dun-Well Doughnuts)

  3. Beasties. Besties. @itsplainasjane @thgchoir. Post Work Thai Gourmet Day. ❤️ (at Thai Gourmet)

  4. And sometimes. It all works. Thank you @marccode @thgchoir. We’ve only just begun, but y’all are the finest of homies. (at La Casa De Dos)

  5. Sometimes @marccode levels your home, then you and @thgchoir polyurethane your new OSB kitchen floor. (at La Casa De Dos)

  6. Sometimes your dear friend @thgchoir builds your new cabinets. (at La Casa De Dos)

  7. Sometimes on #nationaldogday you miss #periodicalpenelope. (at A-F Records)

  8. Sometimes you pick corners. Most times you miss the net.
    Lonely morning skate.
    Drop. The. Puck. (at Bladerunners Ice Complex)

  9. Sometimes you & @itsplainasjane visit the first ever super sheetz. Big Brother is watching. (at Super Sheetz)

  10. Sometimes you find a new place to live and @thgchoir, @lindseysmithhhc & @itsplainasjane sit on the floor and eat spak with you to celebrate. ❤️ (at La Casa De Dos)

  11. Sometimes you & @itsplainasjane share the beverage of Moomintroll and tip some out for your homie @emmeranne. (at IKEA Pittsburgh)

  12. That’s in St Petersburg Russia at Vinyl Records, one of the best record stores I’ve ever been to. They not only had some of the raddest imports of classic punk/Beatles/nirvana records. They also had Mobilize. The shop keeper has Head and I sign it and then took this photo.

    (Source: vk.com, via hughswagman)

  13. Sometimes you find peace in interesting places. First skate back. New twig. Life ain’t so bad brother. (at Bladerunners Ice Complex)

  14. #ThisConcernsEveryone tracklisting.

  15. One person. One instrument.
    One voice. One take.