1. Day 4. Central Park.
    @SeegerFest honoring the memory of Pete Seeger.
    Central Park Summer Stage. (at Central Park Summer Stage)

  2. Day 3. Allston MA.
    Sometimes you eat everything at Grasshopper Vegan Chinese Buffet and @stevizzle_larizzle has to roll you back to the venue. (at The Grasshopper Vegan Restaurant, Allston)

  3. Day 3. FoMu.
    Skinny Elvis shake add chocolate chip cookie dust please… ✌️@fomuicecream (at FoMu - Alternative Ice Cream & Cafe)

  4. Frida Kahlo (6 July 1907- 13 July 1954) in 1939, photo by Nickolas Muray

    (Source: gregorygalloway, via thegrand-budapesthotel)

  5. Day 2. Headed to Long Island.
    Sometimes you find a rad bagel shop with vegan buffalo sandwiches, and it’s pretty great. @taborbagels (at Tabor Bagels)

  6. Day 1. Stanhope NJ.
    Sometimes you take a mouthful of microphone first chord of your first song. Ain’t. No. Thing.
    📷: @punkrockjosh87 (at The Stanhope House)

  7. Day 1. New Jersey.
    2nd day in a row at Loving Hut. Less exciting sans @itsplainasjane c’est la vie… (at Loving Hut, Ledgewood)


  9. Sometimes you leave your friends notes on their setlists.
    FREAK OUT THE SQUARES. DONT FIGHT IT. FEEL IT. (at First Niagra Pavilion)

  10. Sometimes your favorite band (of your generation) plays a setlist you’ve written for them. And your heart feels so much better. @savesthedayband (at First Niagra Pavilion)

  11. Sometimes @terrorhardcore destroy warped tour and it’s better than you could hope. (at First Niagara Pavilion)

  12. High Museum of Art 6.
    Gerhard Richter, 11­Scheiben. (at High Museum of Art, Atlanta)

  13. High Museum of Art 5.
    Monet. (at High Museum of Art, Atlanta)

  14. High Museum of Art 4.
    Howard Finster. (at High Museum of Art, Atlanta)

  15. High Museum of Art 3.
    Mark Rothko. (at High Museum of Art, Atlanta)