1. uncivilizedlove said: I saw you guys for the first time in Pensacola last year [awesome show!]. I love what your music stands for. Is there any chance that you'll add more U.S. dates to your current tour or are planning another tour soon after your current one ends?

    None so far. But you never know


  2. bangthatswild said: I was at the Pittsburgh show tonight and I saw an over ambitious crowd surfer knock your mic stand right into you. That got me thinking, what's the worst onstage injury you've received?

    Bloody noses. Busted teeth. Twisted ankles. Justin has received the worst. Broken jaw. Broken collar bone.


  3. Anonymous said: Where is the best pizza in Pittsburgh?



  4. Anonymous said: How do you jump so high?



  5. Anonymous said: Do you and the other members of Anti-Flag have an address for fan mail?



  6. Anonymous said: I'm planning to go on your concert in italy but now I'm not sure if I can make it because of my stupid anxiety. Is it a problem there? I'm just so scared..

    I hope you made it. The folks are our shows are always kind.


  7. Anonymous said: Have you heard about the eviction of the Pizzeria Anarchia (#pizzableibt) today in Vienna?

    Haven’t. Sounds terrible!


  8. Anonymous said: Isn't it time for a new Anti-Flag record to appear?



  9. Anonymous said: What color are your eyes? my mom saw a picture of you guys and swears your high, but I am pretty sure I've heard you guys say you don't care for recreational drugs and what not.

    Ha. Not high. Blue eyes are boring.


  10. Anonymous said: Have you tried "Mannerschnitten" here in Austria? (they are vegan)

    Love em


  11. Anonymous said: Your show in Graz was awesome, it was the best concert, that I've seen of Anti-Flag. Yes, I think, this was the best show I've been so far, and I've been to many. Thank you for that great evening and your interaction with the fans. When you throw your bass to the other guy, did he always catch it or did it once go wrong?

    Marc hasn’t dropped a bass or mic stand or anything yet. Kids got hands.


  12. itallmakessensewiththeweather said: Aloha. Come back to boise, idaho please. Anti-Flag. White Wives. It doesn't matter. I've been listening to your music for 13 years and I need to get my live fix.

    We shall hope to


  13. Anonymous said: What does the symbol that anti flag uses with the circle with an x through it mean, because I've heard of it being used for a lot of different reasons. Thanks man.

    O = nationalism
    X = destruction


  14. Anonymous said: Best concert EVER!!! Thanks so much man

    Word! Thanks


  15. mintoninsanity said: I thanked Justin yesterday for this but as I found out you have a tumblr I guess I can thank you too on here. When I was 16 and struggling to find my way in this world, I discovered Anti-Flag. And it helped, so much. I have changed a lot since then, but still, you'll always be the band which took me out of the path that was pre-made for me and pushed me to find my own. Thank you for that.

    You made your own path out of a negative. If we helped in anyway we are honored. But you are the one who found peace. Good for you!