1. Record 10 Pre-Pro. Day 2.
    @jimkaufmanmusic (at A-F Records)


  2. Anonymous said: Did you go to Kennywood at all during the summer?

    Missed this season. Too many shows. Not enough jack rabbit.


  3. betteroffredthandead said: I love anti flag so much you guys have made me think and read things that I never would have without and your song 911 for piece had a huge impact on my views and I thank you for existing with all my heart

    Thank you


  4. Anonymous said: What kind of buttons ups do you like to wear? They look very nice.

    Which ever one fits.


  5. Anonymous said: Converse or vans? Or something else?

    I don’t know mannnnnn


  6. Anonymous said: Thoughts on new Joyce Manor rekkid?

    Love it. Listened this morning with @itsplainasjane.


  7. Anonymous said: Do you have any tipps for new young bands?

    Play songs you love. And don’t give a shit about what anyone else is doing.


  8. agground said: Hi Dos, what's up?



  9. Anonymous said: are you playing riot fest with Frank`s band?

    We did. Yes.


  10. Anonymous said: did you hang out with Frank Iero?

    Frank is a great friend. Saw him a few times last week.


  11. Anonymous said: I've always thought that "For Blood and Empire" sort of told a story, how the songs progressed. Idk. Maybe I read too much into things.

    We tried to create a lineage on that record. The story shifts through it. But a lot of the songs reference each other.


  12. Anonymous said: the other day I was watching a interview you gave, I don`t remember where, but the things that you said were so down to earth that I feel really touched. I`m no good expressing myself but I really admire you for the way you think about the world and of course that is one of the reason why I love AF because you gime me hope, and I will always be thaks for that. Sorry for my english :D

    Your English is fantastic. Thanks for the kind words. Be well.


  13. Anonymous said: Do you want make jacket colaboration Dickies with ANTI-FLAG, like Social Distortion and Bad Religion?

    I don’t know what this means. Sorry.


  14. kelseylou4 said: I wanted to see you guys so badly when you came by Columbus on the 11th, but it wasn't in the cards for me. :( Be sure come near Cincinnati/Southern Ohio sometime soon! :)

    Such. Is. Life.

  15. meganpicturetaker:

    Photographed at The Double Door
    Chicago, Illinois
    September 12, 2014