1. alexeymakhov:

    Anti-Flag in Moscow #antiflag #moscow #russia

  2. London. Kings Kross.
    2nd show of today. Last of this tour. Don’t Fight It. Feel It. (at London King’s Cross Station)

  3. Russian Recap 3.
    St. Petersburg.
    📷: @mad_photo

  4. Russian Recap 2.
    📷: @mad_photo

  5. Summer Tour Pt 1.
    Russian Recap.
    📷: @mad_photo


  6. Anonymous said: Can you please say hello to my best friend Nina? She is the greatest anti-flag Fan you will ever Know and she is perfect, it would mean a lot to her :) thank you so much for being awesome!

    Sup Nina! ✌️


  7. Anonymous said: what's your height?

    6 foot


  8. Anonymous said: If I where to give you a link to my bands demo will you listen to it?

    Please do.


  9. Anonymous said: You should really play a show in Scotland some time



  10. anal-thrasher69 said: Are you planning either solo or as a band to make a video/Vlog about your guys' tour and release it or not even do a video or what? Also, you should play SPAC in New York State

    Not sure exactly what you mean. But we’re filming everything. It’ll see the light of day somehow.


  11. Anonymous said: Hi Chris, hope tour is going great and you are well! Me and my girlfriend have recently decided to go vegan, for her it's her second attempt and I have been vegetarian in the past. Where I live in the North East, England, there's not too much in the way of vegan friendly shops, there's a couple, but not significant numbers. I just wanted to ask what would be your top five vegan dishes? And if you know of any UK based vegan stores you may have used in the past? Thank you, stay free! xo

    Wagamama. Yasai Yaki Soba. Yasai Gyosa.


  12. Anonymous said: You should play some shows with Misconduct the next time you're in sweden! Would be awesome to see!

    Love misconduct. Great idea


  13. Anonymous said: Is there really a guy named spazz and if so what does he look like google has no results for this!

    He looks like he looks. Handsome. Spaz.


  14. the-westboro-faptist-church said: I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you. You're such a nice guy and you're super tall. I hope to see you in Dublin and at Riot Fest, would it be possible for me to be able to say hi again?

    Hope to have met ya last night. If not. Riot Fest it is. Don’t worry.


  15. franks-nipples said: Last night I went to one of my first gigs and it was for a younger band, I grew up with the singer and they have so much potential and I was wondering if you could check them out. I think they'd enjoy hearing some things from someone like you. They're on youtube and if you search '"Wake up Pain" Soul Low official music video' you should find them (:

    Cool send a link