1. hanksc0rpio said: Any chance of hearing "You Can Kill The Protestor..." at Riot?

    Missed this. Sorry.


  2. Anonymous said: have you ever seen the x-men movies??

    I think so.


  3. Anonymous said: I'm really worried about my friend who self harms, what advice can you give me? She says it helps her and she's gotten used to it and it's the only way she can cope. I'm very worried

    She needs to talk with someone. Someone much smarter than I. However, all I’ll say is give her love.


  4. anarchohio said: Hello Chris. I have a favor to ask during a difficult time. Recently, my Dad passed away unexpectedly. He was a huge music fan & has been to more than 170 concerts. While he was a classic rock type of man, he did come with my brother & I to 4 AF shows. He helped us get autographs & even talked to Justin about some times when he saw The Clash. For the Toledo show it would mean a lot if ya could play London Calling in his honor. He always wanted to hear ya cover it. Much love and see u in Sept.

    We played London Calling for your dad. Hope we did him justice.
    Much love.


  5. worldsworstconfidant said: What would you use to write on your pickguards and straps?

    Paint marker.


  6. Anonymous said: Favorite Mad Men season?

    Current season. And season 3.


  7. killslay said: Do you like the Front Bottoms?



  8. Anonymous said: are you moving away from ur home?

    New home acquired.


  9. Anonymous said: any plans on a tour sometime next year? p.s. come back to vegas when you can

    We will. New record. New shows. Soon.


  10. Anonymous said: I miss you and the boys Christopher.

    We’re slaying.


  11. Anonymous said: I love AF so bad, but I can`t go to ur shows because I don`t have money u.u



  12. cjxhooligansx said: I'm having A-F withdrawals, getting the shakes as I type this 😰 Northern California show is in order 😎💀✌️ #youaremybasshero

  13. Record 10 Pre-Pro. Day 2.
    @jimkaufmanmusic (at A-F Records)


  14. Anonymous said: Did you go to Kennywood at all during the summer?

    Missed this season. Too many shows. Not enough jack rabbit.


  15. spoopybetteroffredthandead said: I love anti flag so much you guys have made me think and read things that I never would have without and your song 911 for piece had a huge impact on my views and I thank you for existing with all my heart

    Thank you