1. monu-mental asked: I remember reading a review or article about The Bouncing Souls' Gold Record, like 8 years ago now that said 'letter from iraq is a protest song anti-flag wish they had written', is this true?



  2. Anonymous asked: at what time do you usually get up?



  3. Anonymous asked: What inspired the song Cities Burn?

    9/11 and our collective reaction to it.


  4. Anonymous asked: Are you a fan of Crass?



  5. Anonymous asked: This Is The New Sound is such a genius song and so is the music video. I can't get that song out of my head. Simply amazing.



  6. Anonymous asked: Oh dang! I've just recently recognised the link for the White Wives Happeners MP3 download on Adeline Records is working again and now I enter my code that's on the card I got with the LP I had bought and the website says my code'd be not valid?! Can you tell me what's wrong? Is there like a new version of the download links and I've got one of the older cards which are not working anymore? Meh! :-(

    Yup. Ask Stowe and massie. They got the new link.


  7. Anonymous asked: Have you ever read a book by J.R.R. Tolkien? If yes, how did you like it?

    Hobbit. Yup.


  8. Anonymous asked: Do you know the White Wives? I heard they're pretty awesome! *blink* *blink*



  9. Anonymous asked: Do you like F. Scott Fitzgerald?



  10. this-is-how-it-fucking-goes asked: have you ever been at the frankfurt trade fair or have you heard from it? I was there last thursday and it was really really awesome!

    Nope. Take me!


  11. Anonymous asked: please come to gothenburg, sweden this summer!!



  12. Anonymous asked: will anti flag ever play a show in maine

    I hope. I’ve never been.


  13. Anonymous asked: So who won the shirtless photo of Stowe?

    Ask massie.


  14. Anonymous asked: Did Justin write "Their System Doesn't Work For You"? If so, can you thank him for me for writing it? It's really getting me through a lot of my dad's manipulative bullshit.

    He did.


  15. Anonymous asked: Wait is that a Masereel tatoo on your arm? Hello. You are perfect.

    It is. Love Frans.