1. Anonymous asked: What person would you like to meet? :)

    Mick Jones.


  2. Anonymous asked: Sorry if it's a dumb question but how do you record the sound of an instrument that has no input, let's say a piano or saxophone?

    Mic it. Good mics go a LONG way.


  3. Anonymous asked: What was the most exotic country/place you've ever been to?

    Loved Mexico. Also Finland. São Paulo. Moscow. Too tough to pick!


  4. Anonymous asked: if you could only listen to 5 records, what would they be?

    Clash s/t. Bragg back to basics. Beatles abbey road. Cooke live at Harlem sq. dookie.


  5. puppetsyndrome asked: Who are your favorite writers ?

    Cross. Vonnegut. Zanetti. Klosterman. Goldman.


  6. getolderbythehour asked: hey so i was going to see you guys at coachella but my asshole (now ex) boyfriend had my ticket so can't go anymore :/ any chance you'll be in the bay area soon?

    Whack. Go anyway. Who needs em!


  7. Anonymous asked: Germany? This year? :O



  8. kylesfuckingtumblr asked: what do you think of the new menzingers songs?

    Love them.


  9. Anonymous asked: Would you ever skype a fan? Just wondering

    Probably not. I don’t have skype.


  10. aftermath-of-a-severed-world asked: Favorite slayer song



  11. Anonymous asked: who are you excited to check out at Coachella?

    Title Fight. AFI. replacements. So much more.


  12. Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on The Menzingers new album Rented World?

    It’s sad. And amazing.


  13. Anonymous asked: Is White Wives still a thing? Will there be more music someday? You all seem busy with so many projects, just wondering. Hope you're good and love the Penolope pics, she is adorable.

    We are busy. Just did a wives 7”. It rules. We love each other. Maybe we will write some songs together sometime. Maybe not. Who knows.


  14. Anonymous asked: Any chance some AF in Argentina this year ? I really miss you guys , I need my dosis :(

    Hope so! Back SA hard!

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