1. Day 3. Record 10 writing and rehearsals. Sometimes the California heatwave tries to kill you, but you won’t let it. (at 101 Freeway)

  2. Day 2. Sometimes your love of satay reaches new heights. @anti.flag.official Record 10 Rehearsals. (at Lotus Vegan Thai Restaurant)

  3. meganpicturetaker:

    Photographed below The Double Door
    Chicago, Illinois
    September 12, 2014


  4. stonerskeptic said: who's your favorite Mad Men character? I'm on season 6 and I love it.

    Draper. Megan. Peggy.


  5. wewantaband said: Predictions for the Pens this season? Hoping my Oilers can finally begin to improve.

    Cup. Oilers will make the playoffs.


  6. Anonymous said: Are you going to warped tour...? My friend said that you were and I was just checking. I love you guys so much! :) Inspiration for my own band

    No plan for warped. Maybe 2015.


  7. franks-nipples said: I saw Frank Iero wearing a white wives shirt at his show (from a picture, I didn't go) but it made me super happy

    Frank is a dear friend.


  8. Anonymous said: At our school we have a new class called rock band and we all get to learn instruments and learn about rock music in depth and the history of it. We just got into our "bands" and we cover songs that relate to our unit and we actually get to preform live with our band on our school stage and playing music was always a dream of mine and I'm glad I'm finally able to do it but any advice on stage fright? This is my first show and I'm just learning bass.

    Don’t care about anyone. Play a song you love, like you mean it. The rest will fall in line.


  9. headphonedaze said: If you were a mutant in the x men universe, what would be you're power and would you go to Xavier's school????

    Wolverine was/is my jam


  10. Anonymous said: I first discovered you about two years ago with AF and White wives. You saved my life and changed the way I look at things for the better. Thank you.

    You’re very kind. But you saved your life. Not a song or a band.


  11. Anonymous said: What's your pet peeve?

    People yelling shoot or hit him at hockey games.


  12. Anonymous said: Did you have good grades in school?

    Not really until my senior year of high school. Out of necessity only though.


  13. valerie6743 said: any advice for a beginning bassist?

    Play for as long as you can every day.


  14. skeleton-fucker666 said: You or any of the guys in Anti Flag going to get the new super smash bros? Don't know if any of you do any gamin

    Not really. But always down for a Mario game.


  15. Anonymous said: I'm in the process of starting a politcally fronted punk band and I wanted to ask if it was difficult for anti-flag to get started, being that the band is politcally and socially fronted. Was it hard to get kids interested in the songs at first?

    We didn’t really care who was watching. We just kept playing every show we could. Still do it the same way