1. Anonymous said: anti-flag split up?



  2. worldsworstconfidant said: So I was wondering what exactly the Bonus Song at the end of Bright Lights was about. Could you elaborate a bit for me?

    A love letter from Emma Goldman


  3. lipsofrenegade said: If we sent you a link to our demo would you listen to it?

    Of course


  4. Anonymous said: do you like the band L7?

    Of course


  5. Anonymous said: What's your favorite white wives song to play live?

    Wild & Free


  6. Anonymous said: Hello Chris! last year and the year before you played in Cologne in Germany (LUXOR). When will you come to Germany again? Would be so great!!! (: XX Rosa

    Other than announced August shows. No plan as of now. Sorry.

  7. Ireland to England Ferry.
    Breakfast of English Champions.
    Travel Day. (at Irish Ferries (Dublin Port))

  8. SomeNeck Guitars.
    Dublin 4.
    Amazing shop, kind souls. (at SomeNeckGuitars)

  9. Christ Church Cathedral Dublin.
    Dublin 3. (at Christ Church Cathedral Dublin)

  10. Yo @tommorello!
    Dublin 2. The Old Jameson Distillery. (at Old Jameson Whiskey Distillery)

  11. Boogaloo dudes, carry the news.
    Dublin. @punkrockjosh87 
    📷: @stevizzle_larizzle (at The Village)

  12. afrecords:

    Happy Record Release Day Chris Stowe! Chris’ new A-F debut full-length, “HOLLOW” is officially out today! Head to a-frecords.com/store to get your copy on vinyl, or you can stream and purchase it digitally at a-frecords.bandcamp.com for $5!
    #afrecords #acoustic #songwriter #newartist #hollow #emo #whitewives

  13. The Queens University of Belfast 3.
    📷: @punkrockjosh87 (at Queen’s University Belfast)

  14. The Queens University of Belfast 2. Botanic Gardens.
    I never promised you a… (at Botanic Gardens (Belfast))

  15. The Queens University of Belfast.
    (at Queen’s University Belfast)