1. Anonymous asked: will anti flag ever play a show in maine

    I hope. I’ve never been.


  2. Anonymous asked: So who won the shirtless photo of Stowe?

    Ask massie.


  3. Anonymous asked: Did Justin write "Their System Doesn't Work For You"? If so, can you thank him for me for writing it? It's really getting me through a lot of my dad's manipulative bullshit.

    He did.


  4. Anonymous asked: Wait is that a Masereel tatoo on your arm? Hello. You are perfect.

    It is. Love Frans.


  5. Anonymous asked: Did sadness end? Hope you're feeling good again



  6. Anonymous asked: What did your parents say when they saw your first tatoo?

    Not so stoked.


  7. secondumb asked: hay chris .. Im from indonesia :) i see u when AF in jakarta .. So awesome :) can you give good advice to play bass? I had quite a long play bass but does not go well in the play them :(

    Practice! Play simple things slow. A lot.


  8. secondumb asked: Hiii chris.. you use effects pedals sansamp gt 2? teach me to use it? :)

    Make it sound how you want!


  9. Anonymous asked: what's the opposite of anti-flag? pro poster.



  10. Anonymous asked: what's your opinion on drugs and alcohol?

    Be good to yourself.


  11. Anonymous asked: AntiFest in Vienna? That would be rad!

    Cool idea.


  12. Anonymous asked: Do you like Irish folk music?



  13. Anonymous asked: What person would you like to meet? :)

    Mick Jones.


  14. Anonymous asked: Sorry if it's a dumb question but how do you record the sound of an instrument that has no input, let's say a piano or saxophone?

    Mic it. Good mics go a LONG way.


  15. Anonymous asked: What was the most exotic country/place you've ever been to?

    Loved Mexico. Also Finland. São Paulo. Moscow. Too tough to pick!