1. England to Ireland 3.
    “We’re the kings of the world”
    @punkrockjosh87 (at the irish sea)

  2. England to Ireland Ferry 2.
    Tomorrow Belfast. (at The Irish Sea)

  3. England to Ireland.

  4. An absolute honor and privilege to play #BillyBragg ‘s LeftField and close it out playing Clash songs together. This was a memorable evening. Thanks brother! #antiflag 📷: @punkrockjosh87 (at Glastonbury Festival)

  5. This gentle fellow knows how to throw a party. @BillyBragg and I, taking in the amazing @KateTempest. (at Glastonbury Festival)

  6. Stonehenge.
    Tourist 3. (at Stonehenge)

  7. Big Ben.
    Tourist 2. (at Big Ben, House Of Parliament, London Eye & London Bridge)

  8. Buckingham Palace.
    Tourist 1. (at Buckingham Palace Grounds)

  9. Sometimes your last show in Russia is a rager.

    📷: @punkrockjosh87

  10. Moscow. Show 3. 1000 kind souls.
    📷: @evgenyfeldman (at Volta)


  11. worldsworstconfidant said: Are you guys going to hit up California again this year?

    No plan.


  12. Anonymous said: Have you ever done stick and poke



  13. valerie6743 said: i just saw you in Moscow, you were awesome, i love you



  14. Anonymous said: im a 16 year old girl. You know whats ironic? Today Justin was saying that theres violence outside of the walls of the club and so on. On my way home i was walking in an empty street and there were 2 drunk men. i heard them joking about me and giving me dirty looks, but then i heard one of them say "come on dont be a pussy, she's punk, lets beat her up". i pretended i didnt hear them i walked confidently but then i turned onto another street and ran as fast as i could. i wish the world was safer

    So sorry to hear this. So glad to hear you got home. Much love


  15. bangthatswild said: The insert that came with the Songs of Tony Sly album lists Chris Head on bass and Chris #2 on guitar. Did you switch instrument duties or is it wrong?