1. Anonymous said: Did you have good grades in school?

    Not really until my senior year of high school. Out of necessity only though.


  2. valerie6743 said: any advice for a beginning bassist?

    Play for as long as you can every day.


  3. skeleton-fucker666 said: You or any of the guys in Anti Flag going to get the new super smash bros? Don't know if any of you do any gamin

    Not really. But always down for a Mario game.


  4. Anonymous said: I'm in the process of starting a politcally fronted punk band and I wanted to ask if it was difficult for anti-flag to get started, being that the band is politcally and socially fronted. Was it hard to get kids interested in the songs at first?

    We didn’t really care who was watching. We just kept playing every show we could. Still do it the same way


  5. skeleton-fucker666 said: Think you'll make it out to any Rise Against shows during their tour?

    We should. Rise are our boys


  6. Anonymous said: If a bunch of military guys were coming back to the u.s. and everyone in the room was clapping for them, what would you do

    I would applaud the fact that human beings have come back from harms way alive.


  7. Anonymous said: Dude, miss to heard your music , come to south america !!! , i will give you some vegan food ahahha really south america wants some Anti-flag around here !

    Hopefully soon. We love SA!

  8. Sometimes you fly to California to make a record. You always bring your hockey gear. @anti.flag.official RECORD 10. @kennycarkeet @jimkaufmanproductions

  9. Sometimes a praying mantis tries to hitch a ride. You gotta go to the woods buddy. @itsplainasjane (at La Casa De Dos)

  10. bornandbredny:

    This comfortably soft tri blend tee is on sale right now in our webstore with FREE SHIPPING. Just one week left of our sale!

  11. Sometimes you, @itsplainasjane and eleventy billion little kids go to an afternoon pre-season pens game. (at Consol Energy Center)

  12. itsplainasjane:

    Good friends. Good food. Good fun! Last night, @chrisnumber2 and I made dinner for @juliehallinan @thatchrisdaley @cityofbridget !

  13. #tbt to one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. DINO EGG. Doomies. @lxestrada made it happen. @jayweinberg witnessed it.

  14. #tbt to a show in a field in Europe. I gotta get some better shoes.
    📷: @punkrockjosh87

  15. Sometimes you make @itsplainasjane a vegan taco pizza in your new kitchen. Starting to figure it out and feel like myself again. (at La Casa De Dos)