1. High Museum of Art. (at High Museum of Art, Atlanta)

  2. Sometimes you don’t realize it but you come to find that Atlanta is one of the most vegan friendly cities EVER. THANKS @susannahleigh !! (at Gutenfleischers)

  3. Sometimes you bring a vegan Revolution Donut to your hike up a mountain. (at Arabia Mountain)

  4. Arabia Mountain. Atlanta.

    Had an excellent adventure in Atlanta with @susannahleigh this weekend. (at Arabia Mountain)

  5. Sometimes your friend @thgchoir leaves his umbrella at the space, and he’s on tour, and you miss him. I think it’s his grandmothers anyways… (at A-F Records)

  6. Sometimes your @shureinc vocal mic takes a lickin’. I’m sorry. Summer Tour Pt1 complete. East Coast dates on the horizon. (at A-F Records)

  7. Sometimes on a rooftop bar in Moscow you meet Yoda and his twin brother Joda. Happy Birthday @punkrockjosh87

  8. First spin of @thgchoir “I USED TO BE SO YOUNG”. Rainbow splatter looks so cool, sounds so great, trash man back cover. ❤️ (at casa de dos)

  9. This is @punkrockjosh87 he is the best human I know. Today is his birthday. I took this photo with him last year on this day. Can’t wait to take another today. Happy Birthday Josh!

  10. Sometimes @delta blows it on your vegan meal. But they know how to shut the old guy up. 1 flight left. (at United Airlines - Terminal 1, Chicago O’Hare International Airport)

  11. alexeymakhov:

    Anti-Flag in Moscow #antiflag #moscow #russia

  12. London. Kings Kross.
    2nd show of today. Last of this tour. Don’t Fight It. Feel It. (at London King’s Cross Station)

  13. Russian Recap 3.
    St. Petersburg.
    📷: @mad_photo

  14. Russian Recap 2.
    📷: @mad_photo

  15. Summer Tour Pt 1.
    Russian Recap.
    📷: @mad_photo