1. getolderbythehour asked: hey so i was going to see you guys at coachella but my asshole (now ex) boyfriend had my ticket so can't go anymore :/ any chance you'll be in the bay area soon?

    Whack. Go anyway. Who needs em!


  2. Anonymous asked: Germany? This year? :O



  3. kylesfuckingtumblr asked: what do you think of the new menzingers songs?

    Love them.


  4. Anonymous asked: Would you ever skype a fan? Just wondering

    Probably not. I don’t have skype.


  5. aftermath-of-a-severed-world asked: Favorite slayer song



  6. Anonymous asked: who are you excited to check out at Coachella?

    Title Fight. AFI. replacements. So much more.


  7. Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on The Menzingers new album Rented World?

    It’s sad. And amazing.


  8. Anonymous asked: Is White Wives still a thing? Will there be more music someday? You all seem busy with so many projects, just wondering. Hope you're good and love the Penolope pics, she is adorable.

    We are busy. Just did a wives 7”. It rules. We love each other. Maybe we will write some songs together sometime. Maybe not. Who knows.


  9. Anonymous asked: Any chance some AF in Argentina this year ? I really miss you guys , I need my dosis :(

    Hope so! Back SA hard!

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  11. sufferrosa:

    The “Let It Be” Sessions, January 1969

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  12. #tbt with @tommorello shooting an Anti-Flag video directed by @mattstawski

  13. afrecords:


    Today, we are excited to announce that our very own, CHRIS STOWE, has signed to A-F Records and is scheduled to release his A-F debut full-length, ‘HOLLOW’ this summer!

    HOLLOW' vinyl records are now available for pre-order on our ONLINE STORE along with a rad shirt design! The first pressing is limited to 300, and comes in 2 color variants: 200 - Forest County Green/Smoke and 100 - Charlie Brown Shirt Orange! Get your orders in now!


    Not only are we excited to bring you this news, but we’re also STOWEked to announce that you can find Chris at this year’s FEST 13! Mark your calendars and be sure to check him out in Gainesville.


    In the meantime, check out his video of one of his new songs “I Only Miss Her When I’m Drinking”!

    Welcome to the family, Stowe!


  14. Chris Stowe joins A-F Records


    Singer / songwriter Chris Stowe (White Wives) has joined the A-F Records roster and will be releasing his debut record, Hollow, through the label this summer. Pre-orders are available here.

    You can click Read More to view an acoustic performance of “I Only Miss Her When I’m Drinking” as well as to view the track listing for the album.

    via Punknews.org (http://pnkn.ws/1fNdKDJ)


  15. Anonymous asked: Do you know the song called I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blacc?

    I don’t.