1. Day 18. Hasselt BE 2.
    Sometimes you receive a photo of your favorite things.
    1. @thgchoir 2. Dewars
    3. vegan treats 4. @itsplainasjane (at Pukklepop 2012)

  2. Day 18. Hasselt BE.
    Sometimes you start your morning with @FirstAidKit. Pukklepop is of to a lovely start. (at Pukklepop 2012)

  3. Day 17 Münster DE.
    Our band wrote a song called Fuck Police Brutality in ‘93. I hope for a day when the song is irrelevant. #Ferguson (at Sputnikhalle Münster)

  4. Szegit Festival. Budapest HU.
    📷: festivalphoto.net

  5. Day 16. München DE 3.
    Sometimes you’ll walk 5 miles in the rain for records. It is for fun. (at Schallplattenzentrale)

  6. Day 16. München DE 2.
    Sometimes you visit it Marienplatz in the rain. (at Marienplatz)

  7. Day 15. München DE.
    Sometimes your off day features a meal to write home about. MaxPett Vegan Restaurant. (at Max Pett)

  8. Day 15. Budapest, HU 6.
    (at Chain Bridge)

  9. Day 15. Budapest, HU 5.
    St. Mathias Church (at St. Mathais Church - Budapest)

  10. Day 15. Budapest, HU 4.
    Buda Castle, National Gallery. (at National Gallery, Buda Castle)

  11. Day 15. Budapest, HU 3.
    Buda Castle (at National Gallery, Buda Castle)

  12. Day 15. Budapest, HU 2.
    (at Sziget Festival Official)

  13. Day 16. Budapest HU.
    Sometimes pre-show moments are also special. (at Sziget Festival Official)

  14. Day 14. Hungarian Border.
    Sometimes you get pretty excited because you know after one more week of killer shows you get to eat Spak with @itsplainasjane. That’s what’s up! (at Border checkpoint «Záhony» / КПП «Захонь»)

  15. joshmassie:

    They told me I’d go to strange and far off places. Never did I ever think the Ukraine would be one of them, and that they would show us the same kindness as the rest of the places we’ve been. This is what unity looks like. Stay strong in your country’s time of struggle. You’re not alone out here. Thank you for one of the most humbling experiences we have yet to have.

    Well said my dear friend. I love you brother. I am beyond glad that you’re on these adventures with me. I got your back josh. Always will.