1. joshmassie:

    They told me I’d go to strange and far off places. Never did I ever think the Ukraine would be one of them, and that they would show us the same kindness as the rest of the places we’ve been. This is what unity looks like. Stay strong in your country’s time of struggle. You’re not alone out here. Thank you for one of the most humbling experiences we have yet to have.

    Well said my dear friend. I love you brother. I am beyond glad that you’re on these adventures with me. I got your back josh. Always will.

  2. Day 13. Lviv, UA 2.
    Thank you to the 15,000 kind souls @ZaxidFest. Thank you to @Amnesty International for taking the time to speak during our set.
    Run Comrade, The Old World Is Behind You. (at L’viv, Ukraine)

  3. Day 13. Lviv, UA.
    Soundcheck. We close @ZaxidFest tonight 23:30.
    Take It Easy, But Take It. (at Zaxidfest)

  4. Sometimes you board a plane to the Ukraine. And even if you want to believe yourself to be immune to the marketing of fear, you’re not. Going to play some songs with my friends and not let fear dictate decision making. (at Flughafen München)

  5. Day 12. Puttingen, DE.
    Sometimes you and your friends have a real nice time in Germany. Danke! Tomorrow Ukraine.
    📷: @stevizzle_larizzle (at Rocco del Schlacko)

  6. Sometimes your dear friend @davehause plays an amazing show under a full moon in Eschwege. OpenFlair.

  7. Day 11. Eschwege DE 2.
    OpenFlair. 📷: @stevizzle_larizzle (at Open Flair Hr3 Buehne)

  8. Day 11. Eschwege DE.
    Sometimes OpenFlair Festival is quite good to you.
    Don’t Fight It. Feel It.
    (at Open Flair Hr3 Buehne)


  9. fortheloveofpunk:

    Anti-Flag premiere new, unreleased song “Close My Eyes” http://bit.ly/UWu8xJ

    Anti-Flag premiere new, unreleased song “Close My Eyes”

    **Featured photo from Jamy Cabre Photography In culmination of the 20 Years of Hell series, Anti-Flag is streaming a brand new track and we’re super stoked here at Team FtLP to bring it to you. “Close My …

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  10. Day 10. Dornbirn AT 2.
    Sometimes you meet a lovely woman named Karin who then gives you a free haircut out of the kindness of her heart. @itsplainasjane told me my little barber lady was going to be a great new friend. She was right. (at Friseur Zanetti)

  11. Day 10. Dornbirn AT.
    Sometimes you get your hair cut at @thgchoir ‘s name sake.
    Herren-Friseur Zanetti (at Marktplatz Dornbirn)

  12. I always see the same things when I close my eyes. I am always hoping I can clear my mind. The son of my father and the son of Sam. The daughter of my mother and another mans hand.

    New song up @4loveofpunk

  13. Day 8. Caramanga Italia 2.
    Sometimes, oh I don’t even know anymore… (at Caramagna City)

  14. Day 8. Caramanga Italia. (at Caramagna City)

  15. Day 8. Caramanga Italia.
    Sometimes you have an afternoon drive through your motherland. Nice to be back.