1. Anonymous said: im a 16 year old girl. You know whats ironic? Today Justin was saying that theres violence outside of the walls of the club and so on. On my way home i was walking in an empty street and there were 2 drunk men. i heard them joking about me and giving me dirty looks, but then i heard one of them say "come on dont be a pussy, she's punk, lets beat her up". i pretended i didnt hear them i walked confidently but then i turned onto another street and ran as fast as i could. i wish the world was safer

    So sorry to hear this. So glad to hear you got home. Much love


  2. bangthatswild said: The insert that came with the Songs of Tony Sly album lists Chris Head on bass and Chris #2 on guitar. Did you switch instrument duties or is it wrong?



  3. Anonymous said: did you see about the police brutality at pride in pgh?

    Yes. It’s something we want to be involved in. We are working on finding ways to lend our support as individuals and as the band.


  4. Anonymous said: Do you just listen to songs with english lyrics or also to some in different languages?

    Mostly English. Some Spanish speaking.


  5. Anonymous said: I'm going to your show on July 20th because Anti-Flag means the world to me. Any chance I'd be able to meet you guys?

    Sure. We hang out before and after every show. Come say hi.


  6. someday-we-said said: Soundwave 2015?

    Tell AJ. We would love to. Don’t think he likes us though.


  7. Anonymous said: Safe travels!

    Goin great. Thanks.


  8. Anonymous said: Have you read On The Road by Kerouac?

    Have not.


  9. Anonymous said: Are Stowe and Steve coming to Europe to?

    No Stowe. Steve. Massie. Marc and Tom are our euro crew.


  10. lochnesscheska said: Just wanted to say thank you for kicking off my second day at Rockfest with a bang. I got my friends up super early to make sure we didn't miss you guys and I know they were pissed until you played and they realized it was totally worth it. Really stoked to see you guys in Jersey next month with WSPC!

    Yesssss! See ya there!


  11. Anonymous said: I would like to dance with you to my favorite Sam Cooke song someday.

    Try and keep up.


  12. Anonymous said: No ANTIfest this year? :(

    Nothing booked yet.


  13. Anonymous said: When you say "no borders or nations" do you mean the concept that we are all one people of one world or literally you want open borders?

    Both. People should be free to travel and see the world.


  14. Anonymous said: What is the best gift/present you would be happy to get from a fan?

    I’m always happy with anything some one is kind enough to bring. Tops are always music/records, hockey stuff from the city we are in/vegan sweet treats!


  15. Anonymous said: You should make vlogs on this tour. that'd be cool

    We’re filming a lot of our travels. Not sure for what though!