1. Anonymous asked: So, have you seen The Grand Budapest Hotel?

    Not yet. I can’t believe I haven’t!!!


  2. Anonymous asked: I miss you, your band and your cute merch guy.

    Who doesn’t!


  3. Anonymous asked: will Anti-Flag come to sweden or Denmark this year?



  4. Anonymous asked: ¿Hablas español?



  5. Anonymous asked: It may sound rare but Do you know the Justin's guitar equalization?

    Nope. He doesn’t either. Just what sounds right! Most of Justin’s tone is him. They way he plays sounds almost the same on any high gain guitar.


  6. joeestrummerr asked: Hi Chris! I've translated Anti-Flag Wikipedia page to Turkish. I'm going to modify the page and add new things. Is there any wrong information in original Anti-Flag page?

    I haven’t looked. Sorry. But thank you! Sounds amazing!


  7. Anonymous asked: Ya gotta check out The Coathangers! Best new punk since The Menzingers & Joyce Manor.

    Cool! Thanks!


  8. Anonymous asked: What is the ususal time you go to bed when you're in tour?

    Whenever I want! I’m a man!


  9. Anonymous asked: blue or black?



  10. Anonymous asked: sup!



  11. Anonymous asked: a fan of Smith Street Band?



  12. Anonymous asked: Have you ever watched the series Band of Brothers? I know it's about WWII and all but it's soo good, I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

    I have. It rules.


  13. Anonymous asked: Man, if I have enough money I will buy a Trabant and somehow take it to Pittsburgh and give it you because you're awesome.



  14. Anonymous asked: Looks like Penelope is always up for a good snack? She's really cute.

    Food. Rules. Everything. Around. Penelope.


  15. Anonymous asked: Can you swim?

    Yep. Poorly.