1. Sometimes on your day off in Bern, Michael from @yeahmansguitars hooks you up with a 70’s Carlsbro Echo pedal. Lovers of riffs, beware. (at Yeahman’s Vintage And Used Guitars)

  2. Graz Austria. PPC.
    Show 1. Sold out rager.
    📷: Susa Hassler

  3. Day 5. Show 2.
    Reitschule Bern, CH 5.
    Swiss National Day. There have been endless fireworks. Even in the pit. ✌️ (at Reitschule Bern)

  4. Day 5. Show 2.
    Reitschule Bern, CH 4.
    5000 kind souls. Thank you all.
    No Borders. No Nations. (at Reitschule Bern)

  5. Day 5. Show 2.
    Reitschule Bern, CH 3.
    Posters for today’s show.
    No Borders. No Nations. (at Reitschule Bern)

  6. Day 5. Show 2.
    Reitschule Bern, CH. 2.
    No Borders. No Nations. (at Reitschule Bern)

  7. Day 5. Show 2.
    Reitschule Bern, CH.
    One of the most important and beautiful squats in the world. (at Reithalle Bern)

  8. Sometimes you hide behind a Neumann. Sorry @shureinc, I’m in Austria. @kennycarkeet get hyped homie. (at STRESS Studios)

  9. Sometimes when you leave NoraBelle at home you have to give your euro basses names.
    Day 3. Show 1. Graz.
    @espguitars @shureinc (at P.P.C. Graz)

  10. Sometimes you live in the lap of Ibis luxury. And all is right with the world. Graz, Austria. (at p.p.c.)

  11. Day 2. Drive from Frankfurt to Graz. Morning coffee at 6:00pm. Concrete Breeds Apathy. #antiflag

  12. DTW ➡️FRA ✈️
    It’s so coooooold in the D. (at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW))

  13. Sometimes you and your friends fly to Europe to play some rock shows. Some of the spots may be volatile but all of the vibes are posi. FREAK OUT THE SQUARES. (at Delta Terminal - Pittsburgh International Airport)

  14. thegenocideball:

    Anti flag



  15. Album Review: Anti-Flag - A Document of Dissent: 1993-2013


    It’s all too easy to write off Anti-Flag as the poster-boys of point-blank political punk. Their blunt, anti-authoritarian agenda is on the same side of the political spectrum as Propagandhi, but in terms of the depth of their arguments and the complexity of their message the two bands are worlds apart.

    For this reason I was ready to pan this album, a commemorative collection of songs to mark the band’s 20 year career, and then I listened through and realised I was wrong. Despite their route one values, Anti-Flag’s music has adapted wonderfully to the passage of time, producing some fantastic songs and never losing focus. The reason I loved this band as a teenager wasn’t just because I was less cynical. It’s because they were damn good.

    “You’re gonna die gonna die gonna die for your government, die for your country that’s shit!”  The opening line of first track ‘Die For The Government’ would make an intelligent libertarian weep, but so what? It’s got to be one of the most recognisable lyrics in the whole of punk rock, and that means that Anti-Flag have already won the war.

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