1. Anonymous asked: Well Stowe just wrote the background music of my life. Let him know about is please? Thanks.

    His songs actually make me cry.


  2. Anonymous asked: How come you're not following Head on Instagram?

    I need to be!


  3. Anonymous asked: May I suggest you a movie? You should watch Jim Jarmusch' brand new masterpiece, Only Lovers Left Alive. Beautiful guitars, perfect music, good story. Go for it if you have time.

    Cool. Thanks!


  4. Anonymous asked: Ari is a girl cat, right?

    She is.


  5. Anonymous asked: I've been struggling with depression for the past 3 years without telling anyone and today I told my parents and they reacted really well (unlike how I thought they would react) and it was Anti-Flag that kept me going for those past 3 years and I wanted to thank you, your music is everything to me. Thank you and keep doing what you're doing, you're helping a lot of people!

    That’s what the songs are for. I am so glad you spoke with your family. I hope that you’re now on the path to managing your depression. I hope to see ya and hug ya soon!

  6. My friend Steve playing some great songs. @stevizzle_larizzle (at Mr. Roboto Project)

  7. My friend Derek playing some really great songs. @thgchoir (at Mr. Roboto Project)

  8. Morning. Mouser. Mohawk. #AriCatz (at casa de dos)

  9. My dearest friend @jryanfrancis touches everything I produce/record. His mixes on this @thgchoir record are impeccable. (at casa de dos)

  10. Shark. Attack. #periodicalpenelope

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  12. Bob Dylan taking photographs of the press around him.

    (via old-growth-holds-hope)

  13. Neutral Milk Hotel. Stage. Pre-Show. (at Carnegie Music Hall)

  14. Thanks to the lovely @Lindseysmithhhc I’m @thgchoir’s birthday date to neutral milk hotel tonight. (at Hazelwood)

  15. Sometimes to clear your head, Sunday night skates. (at Robert Morris University Island Sports Center)