1. Anonymous asked: Can you swim?

    Yep. Poorly.


  2. Anonymous asked: How have you been recently? Can't wait to see you.

    Doin ok. Thanks!


  3. Anonymous asked: Are you coming to Sziget Festival this year?



  4. Anonymous asked: Are you reading any book nowadays?

    I am. But slowly.


  5. Anonymous asked: Where do you get your black skinny jeans at?

    They’re kill city pants.


  6. Anonymous asked: Esp or Fender?



  7. Anonymous asked: Please tell me you're bringing Massie for the European tour?

    If he wants to come. He’s comin.


  8. Anonymous asked: Ever happened to you when you logged in your tumblr your inbox was empty?

    I think so. I don’t get that many ?’s


  9. Anonymous asked: What is the coolest thing a fan can give you as a gift? What makes you reaaaally happy?

    Hockey pucks. Vegan sweets. Friendship.


  10. theclashfangirl asked: I'm so happy you guys are coming to Sziget Festival! Totally made my day, thank you so much! :) See you there!

    Me too!


  11. Anonymous asked: Well Stowe just wrote the background music of my life. Let him know about is please? Thanks.

    His songs actually make me cry.


  12. Anonymous asked: How come you're not following Head on Instagram?

    I need to be!


  13. Anonymous asked: May I suggest you a movie? You should watch Jim Jarmusch' brand new masterpiece, Only Lovers Left Alive. Beautiful guitars, perfect music, good story. Go for it if you have time.

    Cool. Thanks!


  14. Anonymous asked: Ari is a girl cat, right?

    She is.


  15. Anonymous asked: I've been struggling with depression for the past 3 years without telling anyone and today I told my parents and they reacted really well (unlike how I thought they would react) and it was Anti-Flag that kept me going for those past 3 years and I wanted to thank you, your music is everything to me. Thank you and keep doing what you're doing, you're helping a lot of people!

    That’s what the songs are for. I am so glad you spoke with your family. I hope that you’re now on the path to managing your depression. I hope to see ya and hug ya soon!