1. harrischadwick asked: Not really an ask but my work friend is on his way from Australia to Pittsburgh for the Pens game on Friday. If you see some strange Aussie and his wife walking around during the next 4 days say "What Up". He's a friendly dude.



  2. Anonymous asked: Hey man! Are you ready for Coachella? I'm really looking forward to guys playing, good luck!

    Gettin there. Stoked.


  3. mattnonymous asked: have you ever spent any substantial time listening to tool?

    Not really


  4. that-rocker-chick4 asked: Would you ever let a fan design your next tattoo(s) ?

    Maybe. Is it cool?


  5. Anonymous asked: can you explain whats going on in the video for bright lights of America

    It’s. A. Metaphor.


  6. franks-nipples asked: I really like your song The Smartest Bomb, who wrote it and what inspired it?

    I wrote it. The idea of glamorizing the military industrial complex with commercials inspired the lyrics.


  7. Anonymous asked: I'm from South America, I was wondering if you like or know any bands from this side of the world?

    I don’t. Should I?


  8. wheresquidsdare asked: I got a badass anti-flag tattoo, how can i show it to you guys?



  9. Anonymous asked: when you star to write a lyric, what do you think first, how is the process? because I`m trying to write but nothing cames to mind and I get mad

    Changes all the time. Sometimes music. Sometimes words. No method to the madness.

  10. (via jennkem)

  11. #creativemornings @siobhanvivian @Pittsburgh_CM (at Union Project)


  12. Anonymous asked: do you take naps?

    Not good at napping without the professional pug napper friend.


  13. Anonymous asked: If you bought army pants and flip flops, I would totally buy army pants and flip flops.

    Not. Gonna. Do. It.


  14. Anonymous asked: did chris head finally get an iphone?

    I think so


  15. straylightjay asked: Nice seeing y'all on Those Who Kill tonight.