1. Had a good time in Quebec. This fuckin guy… @fatmikedude
    📷: @punkrockjosh87 (at Montebello, Qc)

  2. joshmassie:

    Officially on tour again! First stop: ROCKFEST tomorrow in Montebello, Québec! See you there, eh?!🍁

  3. Insert for The Homeless Gospel Choir record is so rad! @thgchoir Pre-Order is up at:
    AFRecords.com/store (at A-F Records)

  4. packed. 4 countries. 1 chewbacca ring. To Hell With Boredom. (at casa de dos)


  5. Chris Stowe Gets Heavy For ‘Hollow’


    June 18, 2014
    by Paul Blest

    In just a few short years, Chris Stowe has gone from being a virtually unknown touring machine of a folk punk (in the “happens to play folk music but hits you as hard as
    Dead Reckoning” way) musician known as Anniversary Club to a member of two of Pittsburgh punk’s cornerstone bands, as the bassist of Anti-Flag side project White Wives and a guitarist for party hardcore band World’s Scariest Police Chases.

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  6. Anonymous said: I'm looking forward to your club show in Graz. I thought I have to miss this show, but becausr of my parents I can go there :) After the concert, will you be out and taking photos/making autographs? Would be awesome

    We hang after almost every show. Come say what’s up at Merch! See ya in Graz!


  7. apheliargazkia said: Hey ! Saw that you are coming back around Europe this summer ! Any plans for France ? :) Pleaaaaaase tell me yes ! Love&peace

    No France yet. But I hope!


  8. meandtherodentinthewall said: Asbury Lanes was probably one of the best shows with one of the best lineups (and one of Scotty Engel's last 'Mess shows) that I've ever been to. Planning on heading back anytime soon to the area? Perhaps with the Wives?

    No wives show. But flag is headed to Stanhope NJ in July. Come hang!


  9. meltamargo said: Have you read the book "Overthrow" by Stephen Kinzer? It is such an excellent narrative on US-backed regime changes and imperialism disguised as "interventions." I thought I'd pass this recommendation to someone who would appreciate it!

    Thanks. I’ll look into it!


  10. bueblebla said: Do you think Don Draper is gonna get a divorce again...?

    I love Megan. So maybe if they do I’d have a shot?


  11. troublemakerxx217 said: I'm seeing you guys on the 26th at the Rex Theater. Can't wait! I'd love to be able to meet you :)

    Me neither! ✌️


  12. undercover-punk said: Who's your favorite artist signed to A-F? Or some of your favorite if you can't pick one

    Can’t pick. Love homeless gospel choir, wspc, vacancy, nmds


  13. Anonymous said: Do you think you guys (A-F) would one day play Brighton (UK)? I'd love to be able to see you guys!

    We’ve been there before. Why not again.


  14. Anonymous said: Are you interested in playing smaller shows together with some local and rather unknown bands in Austria?



  15. Anonymous said: Any tips on where can I pick up some good fake hot wings in Pittsburgh?

    Spak. Double Wide. Brillobox.