1. Anonymous asked: do you take naps?

    Not good at napping without the professional pug napper friend.


  2. Anonymous asked: If you bought army pants and flip flops, I would totally buy army pants and flip flops.

    Not. Gonna. Do. It.


  3. Anonymous asked: did chris head finally get an iphone?

    I think so


  4. straylightjay asked: Nice seeing y'all on Those Who Kill tonight.



  5. magda41 asked: I love your smiths' t-shirt. Do You like band The Smiths? or Morrissey?

    Chris. Farren.


  6. Anonymous asked: how many nieces and nephews do you have?

    1 nephew. 5 nieces.


  7. Anonymous asked: Do you eat honey?



  8. Anonymous asked: Do you know what the masked intruders look like behind the stage orrr they hide their faces from everyone?

    I do. Only I do.


  9. Anonymous asked: Which of these makes you feel more excited? The Grand Budapest Hotel or Mad Men s07?

    Oh man. That’s heavy. Mad Men. Only because it’s a longer adventure.

  11. Final day of instrument tracking. Really proud of what the @maceballard souls have brought. (at A-F Records)

  12. Having lunch with my boy Egan watching over us. @mike77egan @punkrockjosh87 @thgchoir (at Mad Mex)

  13. Morning. @punkrockjosh87 (at casa de dos)


  15. kiss-my-kowalewicz asked: I started playing bass recently and its really awesome! cant wait to learn some anti flag soon!

    Nice. Good luck my friend.