1. theclashfangirl said: Close My Eyes became one of my favorite Anti-Flag songs ever since I heard you playing it in acoustic version a while ago. I think it turned out pretty awesome in this version as well. Excellent song. Good job guys, congrats! Can't wait to hear it live someday. :)

    Thanks. It’s a different kind of tune. Have been a bit shocked to the kind reaction to it so far.


  2. Anonymous said: Hey Dos! How's the tour so far? The new song rocks

    Thanks. Having a blast. 2 shows left!


  3. Anonymous said: hey-lately police brutality has been escalating in my area, and I just wanted to know if you could give me any advice to stage a peaceful protest against this issue? I'm not apart of any group and I haven't asked around if anyone would join me yet, it was just a thought after a recent incident. Thank you so much man. and thank you for all you do<3

    Copwatch. Check into it.


  4. p4leheaven said: thank you so so so much for the concert in Milan yesterday's night. it made me feel alive for the first time in my whole life

    Amazing show. My favorite headline AF show in Milan.


  5. Anonymous said: Are you the real Chris Barker? I can't believe. I was at the concert yesterday night. GREAT GREAT GREAT! I've got my bruises and stuff. Fucking love you guys!

    I think I’m real. ✌️


  6. arislane said: Hey! You guys should come to Brazil again, soon... Just saying... :)

    Jusssaaayinnnn !


  7. punkphantom said: i'm glad nothing bad happened to you in ukraine! not that i thought anything would happen, but you know.

    Thanks. I am far more worried about those that live in the Ukraine. Sending solidarity to those on the side of humanity and peace in both Russia and Ukraine.


  8. theclashfangirl said: Hey Chris! Thank you so much for Sziget! ;) You guys are awesome and super kind. ♥ Hope you had a great time in Budapest. I aaalmost got you a bottle of red wine, next time I will make it for sure don't worry ;) Anyway, hope you liked the little Trabant we gave you and the treats. Take care, safe travels back home! See you next year.

    Love it! Thanks so much!


  9. Anonymous said: Is it Justin I hear doing backing vocals in the song Resistor (Resist He)r?

    Nope. All sounds made by Massie. Zanetti. Barker.

  10. fotojournalismus:

    Ferguson, Mo. | August 13, 2014

    1. A protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

    2. Riot police clear a street with smoke bombs. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

    3. Police surround and detain two people in a car. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    4. Police officers work their way north on West Florissant Avenue, clearing the road with the use of tear gas and smoke bombs. (Robert Cohen/AP)

    5. A police officer patrols a business district. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    6. A demonstrator, protesting the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, stands his ground as police fire tear gas. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    7. An explosive device deployed by police flies in the air. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

    8. A demonstrator holds up a Pan-African flag to protest the killing of Michael Brown. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    9. A device fired by police goes off in the street. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

    10. A demonstrator throws back a tear gas container after tactical officers worked to break up a group of bystanders on Chambers Road and West Florissant in St. Louis. (Robert Cohen/AP)

    (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    (via meganpicturetaker)

  11. Day 18. Hasselt BE 3.
    Sometimes your day includes Canadians. And they’re as kind and generous as you would expect. @theflatliners (at Pukkelpop)

  12. Day 18. Hasselt BE 2.
    Sometimes you receive a photo of your favorite things.
    1. @thgchoir 2. Dewars
    3. vegan treats 4. @itsplainasjane (at Pukklepop 2012)

  13. Day 18. Hasselt BE.
    Sometimes you start your morning with @FirstAidKit. Pukklepop is of to a lovely start. (at Pukklepop 2012)

  14. Day 17 Münster DE.
    Our band wrote a song called Fuck Police Brutality in ‘93. I hope for a day when the song is irrelevant. #Ferguson (at Sputnikhalle Münster)

  15. Szegit Festival. Budapest HU.
    📷: festivalphoto.net