1. rain.
    title fight.
    fire. works.
    clean toilet.
    post show.

    the last few days have been a blur. thank you to all of our dear friends at warped tour. our amazing team that travels with us, marc code, jameson, chris stowe, josh massie, davey jones. thank you to all that hardworking men and women that make warped tour happen everyday. and thank you to all of our dear friends in bands, bayside, title fight, emilys army, taking back sunday, make do and mend, fireworks, and so many new friends in so many other bands.

    anyways. here are my last few days in pictures.

    in the immortal words of woody guthrie, in celebration of his 100th birthday, 


    1. today in the 1 hour rain delay. toronto.

    2. title fight opening the main stage. toronto.

    3. firworks. post show. montreal.

    4. the best brussels sprouts ever eaten. at pat’s restaurant. root 174. pittsburgh.

    5. clean toilet find. new jersey.

    6. emilys army. new jersey.

    7. bayside. chicago.

    8. self. post show. detroit. felt like the hottest day of tour.

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  37. iknowyouvecometokillme said: Pretty sure for Warped Detroit, the parking lot was turned into the underworld for the day.
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