1. cab.
    coretex records.
    berlin wall.
    pre-game skate.
    hail to the freaks.

    day 1. berlin. staying at an airport hotel. bus picks us up tomorrow morning. slept until 3ish, then headed into town. adventures. below.

    1. cab. berlin.

    2. got some of my friends records that I didnt bring with me. the failed states vinyl came with a CD so, that rules. 

    3. self. berlin. wall. east.

    4. yellow sunshine. vegan dbl chkn. frites. vegan chkn nuggets. the. best.

    5. went to a berlin eisbaren game. great. cheap. seat. pre-game skate.

    6. self. stoked.

    7. eisebaren.

    8. hail to the freaks. I don’t know what the other signs read.

    9. the whole game people are going apeshit. its a tremendous atmosphere. they provide noise makers. there is the crazy fan section with their banners, chants, and over all hooliganisms. there were 14,000 people there. packed. just what my NHL Lockout heart needed. this is during a goal celebration. eisebaren defeat EHC red bull munchen 3-2. loved every minute of it. 

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  15. thestroyofagirl said: I just know what you mean…That Lockout also stresses me^^ but there is some progress in the situation…
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